Summer starter

7:11 PM

It was friday last week, when me and my family together with my cousins planned to go on a day tour at Nasugbu, Batangas to welcome summer. Being the teenagers that we were, Me and my cousin Shauna stayed up late ending up not sleeping at all the night before. We needed to wake up at 4 in the morning  to avoid traffic and because our destination was a 2-3 hr drive to get there. I was so excited because before finals I was waiting for this kind of outing and I could imagine myself being at the beach chilling and just catching some waves.

 Before the trip I got an Idea from Eva from  MyLifeAsEva to video a cool travel Vlog. (If you haven't checked out her Youtube channel please do, she makes tons of cool videos that you can get ideas and inspirations from. She's my favorite youtuber at the moment.) I've been wanting to make travel Vlogs and Vlogs for the longest time because I wanted to try out something new and I wanted to go out of my comfort zone, I promised myself that I would start this summer and I guess my recent travel vlog is the start of my vlogger dreams. The video blog is posted at the end of this post so go check it out :)

When we arrived at Munting Buhangin beach resort, we went down 100 steps before reaching the beach. The place was a bit crowded but luckily our hut was placed at the rear end of the resort where there were only a few people and It looked like we owned the beach front to ourselves.

The beach hadn't disappoint my expectations, The sand was great it, the place was amazing and the waves were truly remarkable. I really had taking pictures and videos of the scenery and I also enjoyed catching some great waves. 

showing off my not so beach body lol 

It's kinda sad that we were only there for a day because I really liked the placed and we really did have fun. Going back home we stopped over at Tagaytay to have dinner and ate some bulalo. If you want to check out what we did at the beach please watch the video below! :)


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