Monthly Currents: April

6:30 PM

LISTENING most of the time to Cake by the ocean - DNCE , We don't talk anymore - Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez and One Dance - Drake. This has been my go to / feel good / workout songs, basically I listen to them all the time whatever the situation is.
READING Before by Anna Todd. It's the POV of harry from the after trilogy
WATCHING The Choice and sobbing my eyes out.  
WRITING  a reflection paper of a movie we watched during Economics and I'm not even half way through!
WEARING LEGGINGS!!! since I'm taking up my summer term we are required to wear civilian clothes and I've been wearing leggings everyday. not only is it comfy and it helps me bear the heat, you can pair leggings with everything.
FEELING accomplished because I've finally dragged myself to the Gym and put a mark on my 2016 things I should do more list.
EATING Volcano roll and Salmon Sashimi. I've been eating a lot of jap food this summer and I'm totally loving it.
DRINKING Fresh coconut water
THINKING about the last few days of summer term and how am I gonna Spend my 3 week summer vacay

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